A Hostessing Guide

A Hostessing Guide

Dear Hostess,

Hosting an event in your home can be stressful. Rose & Dove wants to make sure your event is memorable and goes off without a hitch. Whether you're planning a big celebration or a small gathering, there are a few tips that stay the same that every great hostess should know about.

Here is our breakdown for you:

The Space

● Make sure your space has ample room for guests to move around in. It doesn't always need to be the same space for example, if the weather is nice have a mixture of indoor and outdoor seating.

● Pick a color theme. In order for everything to look put together pick a small array of colors for the tableware, party decorations, flowers, and anything else that is specific to the event. At Rose & Dove we have a selection of fun printed napkins to choose from that are great for cocktails, appetizers, and desserts!

● Never forget that fresh flowers are always a plus!

The Table

● For a formal event here is how to properly set a table. ● For an informal event, setting up a nice buffet station is always a great idea. It allows guests to easily continue their conversations.

The Drinks

● If you are serving alcoholic beverages at your event, set up a designated area that is easy to distinguish from non alcoholic beverages.

● Have fun with serving these drinks, there are great recipes for a variety of sangrias, froses, and other drinks that can be made for a large amount of servings.

● Have everything a guest may need accessible. For example, if you are serving beer or wine have a bottle opener displayed.

● Serve the right drink for the season!

The Food

● It is important to create a menu well in advance.The menu should pair together nicely.

● A great host will make sure there is something for everyone on the menu! Not everything needs to be catered to all guests since that can be impossible, but as long as their is enough food to go around.

● In addition, if you are doing a buffet style, keep food inside the home so bugs do not interfere and food remains fresh!


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