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A Blessing for Summer's Child

A Blessing for Summer's Child

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In this beautiful picture book, lyrical poetry pronounces a loving blessing upon Summer's Child. 

Summer's Child is as playful as the crashing sea, free as the flying gull, and loved as the rarest shell. Adorable watercolor paintings of sandy beaches and summer campouts beautifully accompany the book's heartfelt blessings and promises. 

Dearest child of summer, may the wonder of your season always live within you. 

May each day bring the smile of the nodding sunflower, the sweetness of the sunny berry, and the kiss of the evening rain. May the summer wind be ever at your back, the sun warm upon your face, and the grass soft beneath your feet.

For you, child of summer, are all that is good, all that is bright, all that is beautiful in this vibrant time of year. And that makes you special, indeed.

A sweet, moving tribute to children born during the summer months, A Blessing for Summer's Child is a beautiful baby shower or birthday treasure for young children.

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