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Gorjana: Marin Necklace

Gorjana: Marin Necklace

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Customize this shimmering golden rope necklace with Parker Charms for a look that's all your own! 

Jewelry with intention gorjana offers jewelry that you'll live in, love always and layer every day.

All gorjana 18k gold plated pieces are protected with an anti-tarnish barrier. In order to maximize the life of your gorjana jewelry, we suggest following the below care instructions:

Preserve your jewelrys' plating by avoiding contact with cleaning agents, beauty products, water and chemicals.
Remove jewelry prior to exercise, washing your hands or swimming.
Protect your jewelry by storing your items in a dry area in the gorjana cloth bag which was included with your purchase.
Clean your jewelry with a dry cotton cloth to renew its shine.
We recommend storing gorjana sterling silver styles with the provided anti-tarnishing strip inside your gorjana cloth bag. All sterling silver products can be identified by locating a stamp with the sterling silver '925' mark. Anti-tarnish stips will be included for each piece.
Natural gemstones can be fragile. Do not use paper towels to clean your gemstones as they can cause scratching.

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